Friday, January 23, 2009

Donuts – We Salute You!

What makes a donut one of the most sought after and tantalizingly delicious treats? Is it the shared use of the grease vat from last night’s sweet and sour pork? Is it the reckless and often careless use of fat and sugar filled ingredients? Maybe it’s the fact that you can get a dozen of them for a few measly dollars…However you shape ‘em, they are incredible and they transcend all race, class and social divides. Rich man, poor man, every colored man, Jews, Catholics, Muslims… we’ve all gotten caught up in the donut rage at one time or another. We’ve all spent countless hours configuring the perfect dozen in our minds, sure to include the best of every facet of the sweet treat. Here is a perfect dozen, Deez style:

2 maple bars, 2 round cakes with icing and chocolate sprinkles, 2 old fashioned, 2 twisty glazed things, a bear claw (duh), 2 round glazed with chocolate and a chocolate long john .

(Pretty sure I spent more time on that than most people do picking their fantasy football team!)

So in these dire times I urge you to pony up a few dollars and buy yourself a little fried wad of heaven. It won’t break the pocketbook and I guarantee you those delectable trans-fats and processed sugars will melt all your cares away, one sweet calorie at a time! Feel free to send me your perfect dozen...

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