Thursday, January 15, 2009

Foo(d) Fighters?

I just have to say… really? People actually like this band? They are considered in a tier above known douchebags like 3rd Eye Blind and the Offspring? I think not. Just because this Dave character played with the likes of Blondie Mc Face-Off, doesn’t mean he can get away with lyrics like, “There goes my hero, watch him as he goes…” Insert any verb in here and it’s still the same redundant sentence.
I have watched this band make their rise to fame in utter disbelief. I have been forced to brave through an episode of my coveted Top Chef where they were vaulted to the likes of “food judges”… this was the final straw for me. Not even to have proven themselves as a worthy auditory past time and now they are the authority on anything culinary? And no, this was NOT an episode judging microwave burritos or barbequed potato chips.
These Fighters have crossed the line and need to be stopped…what are they fighting for anyway? That’s what they should be crooning about. In the words of actual rock star, Pete Townsend, Don’t be FOO’d again!

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